Family Discipleship

We believe that nobody is too young to be a disciple of Jesus. We recognize the significant challenges facing parents as they strive to introduce their kids to Jesus, and thus we are committed to equip them to the best of our ability. We believe that the good news has the power to transform homes, and that through families living the good news the love of Jesus flows into neighborhoods and communities. As brothers and sisters in God’s family, every member of our church is called to support our families and take part in this mission to help our kids and students become life-long disciples of Jesus. We seek to empower and equip parents by cultivating friendships between families, providing discipleship-focused classes, groups, and events, and recommending quality resources.

Family Dedication

Jesus loved children and taught that to receive the Kingdom of God one needs the vulnerable, hope-filled, and trusting heart of a child. As Disciples of Jesus, we are thankful for the gift of children, and we hope to see the good news of Jesus take root in every family. Family Discipleship is one of our values, and thus we desire to equip and encourage every family to introduce their children to Jesus with the ultimate goal of seeing their children become life-long disciples of Jesus. Family Dedication allows our church family to commit to partnering with individual families as they dedicate themselves to introducing their children to Jesus.