We spend our whole lives in worship: either of God, or something else. As disciples of Jesus, we obey God’s command to worship Him as we seek to humble ourselves before God in worship centering our hearts and minds on Jesus, that in being with Him, we may be transformed to become like Him, and compelled to do what Jesus did. Our practices of worship are meant to engage all of who we are: heart, soul, mind, and strength. Our weekly worship gathering provides a regular rhythm of worship, but we will also worship through events, prayer, classes, and the spiritual disciplines.

Baptism + Communion

Followers of Jesus recognize baptism and communion as two specific practices given to the Church for its formation into a faithful community of disciples. Baptism marks a person’s public profession of allegiance to Jesus Christ as Lord. Jesus was baptized, and He instructs His followers to be baptized just like He was. Baptism does not save a person from sin, but serves as an outward sign of an inward change – dying to one’s old life of sin and turning towards life in God’s Kingdom. In baptism, a person lets the world know they are a disciple of Jesus, commits to contribute to the church by offering their resources and talents, and submits to the encouragement and correction of their brothers and sisters.

Communion or the Lord’s Supper is a regular practice disciples of Jesus keep “in remembrance” of Jesus. We believe the bread and juice received in communion do not become the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ, but represent His sacrificial death, pointing every person towards the love of God and the saving work of Jesus at the cross. Sharing the bread and cup together reminds us of the complete peace won by Jesus: peace between God and humankind and peace between humans. When we come to the Lord’s Table together, we proclaim that our hope is found only in the death and resurrection of Jesus, and that through Jesus, we are adopted into God’s family as brothers and sisters.

Youtube + Livestream

Every disciple of Jesus should prioritize meaningful relationships with other followers of Jesus. Embracing the good news of Jesus always involves being adopted into God’s family and belonging to the Church. In light of these truths, we encourage every person who is able to prioritize gathering in-person with the body of Christ. While being present with the local church is best, there are times when it may not be possible due to illness, travel, or other circumstances. For this reason, we provide a simple livestream of our worship gatherings and library of our teachings to help those who cannot participate in-person follow the current teaching series and to stay connected with the life of the church.

Serve on The Worship Team

Interested in serving on the worship team with your musical or technological gifts? We’d love for you to join us!